Power Struggle

Limited Edition Prints coming soon.

The Power Struggle Collection

This collection came about as collaborative effort between the models Starla, Taylor, and myself. In fact, the project was actually initiated by model Starla, who started the conversation and inspired the idea.

Going into this shoot, my vision was to capture and depict struggle and tension between two bodies, in the art nude genre. I do already specialize in art nudes, and have extensive experience in this area. However, this project was a bit of a departure for me, as it was my first time shooting a duo.

I find this series particularly interesting, because while showing my usual appreciation for the female nude, we were able to add elements that generally aren’t associated with artistic nudes—tension, struggle, and dominance.

My goal with this shoot and all of my nude work is to allow the viewer to appreciate the beauty of the female nude form, while seeing beyond the superficial and obvious.

To me, the nude form is about much more than sexuality, it’s about being bare—in every sense. As I always say, the nude cannot lie, it is what is raw, real, and true.

I chose black and white for this series because I love how it strips away the distraction of colour, while highlighting the raw essence of the image. This allows the viewer to focus solely on the light, texture, and composition.