Nudes at 618

Limited Edition Prints coming soon.

The Nudes at 618 Collection

This is a collection of images captured over a one year period at a private home in Toronto.

The house number is 618.

Natural light artistic nudes.

Models featured:
Maggie McCallum @littlemaggiemay
Dorrie Mack @dorrie.mack
Taylor Oakes @tayloroakesproductions
Daria Sells @darias.dreamland
Jaqueline Simpson @amoretsqualore 
Ali Short @aliclaireshort 
Joy Kidston tbd @beatitudinem not shot yet, scheduled for this week

Very simple set up. Camera and reflector.

Sony A7r2. Camera was mounted on a tripod for most of the images.

Zeiss 50mm Loxia, Zeiss 85mm Batis, Sony 90mm macro and Sigma 35mm Art with Metabones adaptor

Images processed through Capture One 10/11 and Photoshop CC

I am extremely grateful to have had the opportunity to create with such wonderful creative partners.

I’m also very thankful to the home owner and family at 618. I sincerely appreciate the support.

My approach was to create a series of images that for the most part reflect the mood of the home. All the images were shot using nature light from windows and skylights.